About We Are Made In New York

New York City is at the heart of a new digital economy and is home to more than 900 tech companies hiring for over 3,000 jobs.
We Are Made In New York is an economic development initiative that supports the City’s digital, film, theatre and broadcasting sectors, and will soon support fashion companies as well. We Are Made in NY highlights job opportunities in the various sectors, celebrates the growing number of New York City-based companies, provides access to resources and programs that help companies grow, and helps novices learn how to become part of the innovation ecosystem.
Digital companies that base at least 75% of their development in New York City and have at least 10,000 users or monthly visitors are eligible for  the Made in NY distinction and list, and use of the Made in NY mark. Apply here to be approved as Made in NY. All digital companies, regardless of their operations mix, are invited to add themselves to the Jobs Map. Launched by NYC Digital in partnership with the New York Tech MeetupWe Are Made in NY highlights New York City’s burgeoning digital industry and underscores Mayor Bill de Blasio’s commitment to strengthening the city as a global hub for innovation.

We Are Made in NY initiative components:

  • Expansion of the Made in NY mark of distinction to digital companies that base 75% or more of development in the five boroughs, have at least one employee and 10,000 users or monthly visitors
  • Links for students, seniors and novices to access free and low cost digital education training, and information on how to get involved in the local technology community
  • Resources, benefits and programs to help startups grow in New York City
  • Jobs on the interactive Made in NY digital jobs map, which plots locations of tech companies across the five boroughs. Any tech company can apply to be featured, and the map links directly to job listings
  • The official list of over 900 Made in NY tech companies
  • Events connecting New Yorkers to digital jobs and celebrating the sector
  • A crowdsourced video initiative encouraging Made in NY companies to film a short clip showcasing their workplaces, teams and accomplishments – as well as why NYC is a great place to start a business
  • A citywide awareness campaign with an estimated reach of over 150 million impressions in digital media and at outdoor locations including subways and buses, featuring images of a diverse range of  local startups

Apply for Made in NY Distinction and Mark

The Made in NY “Mark of Distinction” is awarded to digital companies that base at least 75% of development within the five boroughs, have one employee and at least 10,000 users or monthly visitors. Approved Made in NY tech and digital media companies may feature the Made in NY mark in the footer of their website, linked to the We Are Made in NY website. To apply for Made in NY status, please complete this form.

Please note that all startups, regardless of developer base, are welcome to apply for inclusion on the Digital.NYC Map.

How Your Startup can be Part of the Campaign

The We Are Made in NY campaign extends to social media by highlighting messages from startups sharing why NYC is a great place to launch using the hashtag #madeinny on Twitter.  Startups are also encouraged to film their own short videos explaining why they chose to be Made in NY, and selected videos will be featured on the We Are Made in NY website and YouTube channel. No additional startups will be featured in the creative print and digital campaigns at this time.

History of the Made in NY Mark

In 2005, the New York City Mayor’s Office of Media & Entertainment created the “Made in NY” initiative to celebrate the local media and entertainment industries. The logo, designed by @radical.media, a transmedia company based in the City, represented a mark of distinction given to films and TV shows where at least 75% of the overall production is made within the five boroughs.

The logo has proudly appeared in the end credits of over 200 productions, highlighting the fact that they were filmed in New York City and employing local crews. As part of the “Made in NY” Marketing Credit, over 125 NYC-based productions have also had the opportunity for their creative to be showcased on co-branded posters that appear on bus shelters, in buses, in subways, as well as spots on Taxi-TV. The “Made in NY” logo has also been featured on the streets of New York on the sides of production trailers and appears on merchandise sold at CityStore on everything from t-shirts to baby onesies to t-shirts.

The Office of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting, part of the Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment, also brands its various programs under the umbrella of “Made in NY.” From workforce development training like the “Made in NY” Production Assistant Training Program to educational initiatives like the “Made in NY” Industry series, a free series of panels featuring industry professionals, the “Made in NY” mark brings together everything that makes the City and its media and entertainment industries unique.

Now, the “Made in NY” mark has expanded to welcome and support the local tech community and New York’s fashion industry. Companies with at least 75% of their development in New York City are encouraged to apply to add their names to the growing “Made in NY” Digital Collection.

Media Partners

A range of media partners have generously helped to expand the reach and success of We Are Made in NY. We are grateful for the support of: Advertising Age, Buzzfeed, Clear Channel Communications, Guest of a Guest, LinkedIn, Mashable, Mike Bodge, Reddit, Shutterstock, Songza, Vimeo and WordPress.com Enterprise

If you would like to donate advertising inventory to the Made in NY campaign, please contact digital@media.nyc.gov.


Questions or comments? Contact digital@media.nyc.gov for program info or media inquiries.

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