Want to give back to the NYC community?

See tech mentorship and advising opportunities below

  • Summer Scholars: Host a summer intern from New York City’s Career and Technical Education High Schools.
  • Brooklyn Tech Triangle Internship Program: An initiative to encourage technology companies based in Brooklyn to hire and mentor up to 50 students from the New York City College of Technology.
  • NYC Generation Tech: Become a tech mentor to provide NYC High School students with advice and feedback on their work.
  • Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE): Teach students from low-income communities about entrepreneurship.
  • NYC Venture Fellows: Mentor the next generation of global entrepreneurs in New York City, provide fellows with mentoring, networking opportunities and resources to scale their business.
  • Citizen Schools: Volunteer to bring your real-world knowledge to middle school students and help them make connections between school, college and careers.
  • The Lamp: Empower youth with hands-on training and workshops in media fluency.
  • Entrepreneurship Lab Bio and Health Tech NYC: Mentor or become a speaker for aspiring entrepreneurs in life sciences and healthcare technology during a 6 month training and mentoring program.
  • Code Corps: volunteer to donate your expertise to help serve the public through the creation of digital tools
  • Strategic Steps for Growth (Media and Entertainment): Give advice to media and entertainment-related firms during a nine-month executive education program.

For more information or to volunteer to participate in one of these programs, email digital@media.nyc.gov

Featured Opportunity: Summer Scholars

Summer Scholars is a program sponsored by the Bank of America that matches outstanding juniors and seniors with summer opportunities in tech companies. Students benefit from 15 hours per week of paid employment for 6 weeks, high school credits, and employment skills coaching.

Bank of America CTE Summer Scholars recruits students from New York City’s career and technical education (CTE) programs in pre-engineering, information technology, and advertising and media. Students are generally entry level but self-starters, and will be matched to organizations based on the focus and needs of the host company. The program will run from July 8 to August 16. Students will divide their time between for-credit work in the classroom, and an internship on site with the host company. Students will spend three full days(Monday-Wednesday) for work and two days of class(Thursday and Friday). Full days of work will be five hours, structured as the host organization sees fit within the parameters of normal business hours with an unpaid hour for lunch. Students will receive minimum wage for their internship hours, with all wages covered by the NYC Department of Education. There is no cost to the host organization.

Host internship sites are critical to the success of the CTE Summer Scholars program. We will provide focused support to help plan intern projects, as well as site visits and coaching for intern supervisors.
Internship sites are required to:

  • Designate a supervisor/point of contact for interns
  • Provide students with a meaningful work experience, including clearly defined projects and tasks that align to due dates and expected outcomes.
  • Log intern attendance and provide broad performance feedback on forms provided to employer
  • Maintain communication with Summer Scholars project management team

If your company is interested in getting involved with the Bank of America CTE Summer Scholars program, please email digital@media.nyc.gov.

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